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Annie C. Maguire

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Annie C. Maguire
on rocks at Portland Head
(Paul Sherman collection)


The table below provides historical and statistical data on the vessel. Some of the information may be incomplete. If you have additions or corrections, please e-mail us at the address listed below.

Shipwreck Data

Vessel Name Annie C. Maguire
Other Names  
Vessel Type 3-Masted Bark
Length / Beam / Draft (feet) 188' /  /
Tonnage 1,363
Hull Construction Wood
Propulsion Sails
Cargo Miscellaneous freight
Built 1853
Date of Loss December 24, 1886
Reason for Loss Ran on rocks in storm
Fatalities None
Location Cape Elizabeth, ME; 100 yards off Portland Head Light
Coordinates (Lat/Lon)  
Coordinates (Loran C)  
Water Depth (feet) 30' Maximum
Typical Visibility (feet) 5 - 30'
Wreck Condition Only  small objects remain - wedged between rocks
Diving Considerations Strong current area
Other Information Boat access only; divers cannot enter water from shore.
Attention Divers
The information on this page was obtained from a variety of sources. Although we have attempted to make it as accurate as possible, it may contain errors.  For your personal safety, use extreme caution when diving on this wreck.

For more information on this wreck's location and history, and water and diving conditions in the area, contact local dive shop personnel, dive charter boat operators and local fishermen. Also check out the other shipwreck Websites listed on our Favorite Links page.

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