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rhodeisl.gif (44844 bytes)The state of Rhode Island contains some 1,200 square miles of territory. Although it's a small state, Rhode Island has over 350 miles of coastline. The predominant features of the Rhode Island coast are  Narragansett Bay, with its islands, and Block Island, a popular offshore retreat. Because of its coastal traffic routes and rich maritime heritage, Rhode Island has a large number of shipwrecks. To view a map of Rhode Island, click on the thumbnail image at right.

Below is a partial list of the wrecks located in the coastal and inland waters of Rhode Island. Clicking on a Vessel Name link will take you to a wreck data page, where you'll find the wreck's history, specifications and pictures. Use the Back arrow to return here.

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Shipwrecks of Rhode Island
Vessel Name Type Lost Location Depth
Achilles * Freighter 1887 Off Block Island, RI  
Addie M. Anderson * Schooner 1899 Narragansett Bay, RI 50'
USS Bass Submarine 1945 Off Block Island, RI 160'
Beaver Tail Passenger 1938 Narragansett Bay, RI 30'
Belleville Freighter 1957 Off Newport, RI 30'
Black Point Collier 1945 Off Block Island, RI 100'
Bouquet Barge 1906 Off Quonochontaug Beach, RI 120'
Cape Fear Freighter 1920 Narragansett Bay, RI 180'
Empire State Passenger 1887 Bristol Harbor, RI 20'
Essex Freighter 1941 Block Island, RI 30'
Explorer Fishing 1994 Off Newport, RI 90'
USS G-1 Submarine 1921 Narragansett Bay, RI 100'
George W. Humphreys Fishing 1904 Off Newport, RI 20'
Grecian Freighter 1932 Off Block Island, RI 100'
Hercules Tug 1907 Off Misquamicut, RI 15'
Heroine * Fishing 1920 Off Watch Hill, RI 80'
Idene Fishing 1991 Off Block Island, RI 85'
Jennie R. Dubois * Schooner 1902 Off Block Island, RI 90'
USS L-8 Submarine 1926 Off Newport, RI 120'
Lake Crystal Barge 1946 Off Watch Hill, RI 130'
Larchmont Passenger 1907 Off Watch Hill, RI 130'
USS Leyden Tug 1903 Block Island, RI 15'
Lightburne Tanker 1939 Block Island, RI 30'
Llewellyn Howland Freighter 1924 Off Newport, RI 30'
Lydia Scholfield * Schooner 1891 Off Newport, RI 30'
Mary Arnold * Tug 1940 Off Charlestown, RI 60'
Meteor Collier 1926 Block Island, RI 20'
Metis Passenger 1872 Off Watch Hill, RI 130'
Minerva Brig 1810 Off Newport, RI 20'
Monhegan Passenger 1938 Narragansett Bay, RI 5'
Montana Sch. Barge 1907 Off Block Island, RI 90'
Mount Hope Tug 1968 Narragansett Bay, RI 20'
Neptune II * Fishing 1989 Off Sakonnet Point, RI 85'
Norness * Tanker 1942 Off Block Island, RI 284'
Onondaga Freighter 1918 Off Watch Hill, RI 40'
P. T. Teti Tug 1972 Off Sakonnet Point, RI 100'
Palmetto Steamer 1858 Off Block Island, RI 40'
Progress Dredge 1940 Off Charlestown, RI 60'
Puszta Freighter 1934 Block Island, RI 20'
Queen City Steamer 1907 Sakonnet, RI  
Rhode Island Passenger 1880 Narragansett Bay, RI 30'
USS S-51 Submarine 1925 Off Block Island, RI R
Spartan * Freighter 1905 Block Island, RI 15'
Trajan Barque 1867 Newport Harbor, RI 30'
Troydon * Fishing 1995 Off Block Island, RI 135'
U-853 * German Sub 1945 Off Block Island, RI 130'

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R - Wreck Removed

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